Buy Cashpower credit via Web

Use the card "The Energy ticket" to purchase your Cashpower via Internet. Buy immediately

Buy Cashpower units via SMS

Receive your cashpower units code via SMS. It's easy: send via sms to 4242 the following message:
P [Voucher code] [meter number] [amount]

Buy Cashpower units via Wap

Do you have internet on your phone? buy your cashpower units via your wap application.


Techmedia-rwanda3prepaid is the channel between Tech-Media Rwanda users (reseller or customer) and EWSA.

This software, manage all requests made by users, processes them and send them to EWSA server. This last one (EWSA Server) sends back the cashpower code to users trough our 3prepaid software. It doesn't care about the channel used by the user.Its receives users request and send them to EWSA server, receive EWSA server answer and send them to users.